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### Overview

This is my entry for round 2 of the Rising Star 2017 games development challenge. The game was developed in Unity with Visual Studio as the IDE, Git bash was used for source control and Trello was used for tracking features, ideas and progress.

Unfortunately, although the provided time was predicted to be enough to complete the vision of the game, due to other life and coursework commitments the project did not get as much time as it may have deserved. This is what I would consider to be about a weeks worth of work.

### Premise

The basic premise of the game is the player being a bad-ass superhero with a jetpack and firearms which they use to protect the city under attack.

### How To Play

The player accelerates up with the `W` key and rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise with the `D` and `A` respectively. They can also aim with the mouse and shoot where they are pointing.

### Known Issues

* The player's gun doesn't properly follow the mouse.

* The kill counter doesn't show the latest count, although the game is counting the number of kills.

* The player can never actually die as the call is never made.

* As a trick to make the arena seem infinite position wrapping was used, the buildings however get in the way and make it obvious that the wrap occurs.

* The enemy will get stuck on the buildings, no time was available to implement proper pathfinding.

### Implemented Features

* Randomly generated city buildings including "houses", "towers", "malls" and "open-grounds". (See unfinished features to know why these exist)

* Jetpack like controls for the player.

* Charger enemies which try and charge towards the player and kill them.

* Reusable pool of enemies.

### Unfinished Features

* Menu and high score system.

* Building internals: the ability for the player to use the internals of buildings as pathways throughout the level, they would be harder to navigate through and enemies would also be able to follow the player inside. Would've required more intelligent AI in addition to clever internal room generation.

* Props and throwables: the ability for the player to grab things and throw them at enemies to throw them off for a bit, e.g chairs from offices, plastic bags and newspapers from streets, grab onto chargers and redirect them into other enemies/walls etc. This would also require the enemies to be more overwhelming as to give the player a reason to use the environment.

* Procedurally generated animations for the player and the enemies.

* Separate controls for walking on the ground.

* Different enemy types with advanced behaviours such as trying to surround the player.

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Published19 days ago
Tags2D, Twin Stick Shooter


UnderTheBreach-x86.zip (11 MB)